Printed Material

Offset and Digital

Fundamentally there are 2 different methods of printing today, one being offset or traditional printing and the other Digital Printing.

Digital Print  vs Traditional Offset

There are many misconceptions regarding digital print and this is mostly due to the evolution it has incurred over the last years, however today nearly all small run printing is done on digital machines. Not only is the quality equaled to its traditional counterpart it also adds a huge array of benefits and possibilities before thought impossible in professional print runs.

Today one can have their print run done in hours rather than days and avoid expensive start ups costs, you also have the flexibility of variable data runs which means you can literally have each print individualized, really useful when you want to send a mail shot out and include each customers name or details.

Of course traditional offset printing still has its place, large print runs will always be more cost effective this way.


With any project small or large, we will analyze your needs and inform you and guide you and so ensure you receive all of your products with the required quality and in the time frame needed

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